Why Investing In A Franchise Is A Smart Move

Find out more about why many savvy investors worldwide choose franchises, and the benefits that many of them have found in partnering with Wall Street English.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, experienced business owner, or established investor, a franchise offers a safe and proven path to growth and to owning your own business. Read on to find out more about franchises and if they might be right for you.

The franchise model explained

A franchise is not just an investment in a new business. It’s an investment in a relationship. A franchise investment lets you access a business model and brand for use in a business that you own and operate yourself. (The parent business is known as the franchisor, and you, the business that licenses its services, are the franchisee.) When you start a franchise business, you get an opportunity for growth with the fundamentals of your new business—from a tested concept to standardized operations, marketing, and even training and guidance—already in place.

What first time franchise owners should know

When you participate in a franchise, you join an established brand with a network of like-minded business owners and a customer base that recognizes and trusts the franchise name. You benefit from a system of support and a successful operating model, saving you time and removing the risk that comes from having to build a brand and market from the ground up. In return, you should be ready and eager to deliver the satisfactory experience your customers expect.

Successful franchises are partnerships: the franchisor supplies a proven model, and the franchisee brings local knowledge and business expertise.

What more knowledgeable investors want to know

Experienced business owners and investors are focused on the benefits that the most successful business models offer over their competitors. If you are a business owner seeking to expand, you are on the lookout for are the most likely to capture it. You want to know three things from a potential investment: Does it have a market position that clearly differentiates it? Is the product or service unique and difficult to emulate, protecting your business for the long term? And will it give you attractive financial returns?

Benefits of investing in a franchise

Franchises offer lower risk, a replicable model, and a faster scale. Consider a few of the advantages of starting a franchise business:

  • Proven concept that eases market entry and accelerates growth
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team delivering strong support to franchisee
  • Shorter timelines to establish business in market
  • Faster return on investment delivered through established model
  • Dependable profits, providing a more stable and reliable income than starting a business from scratch

Wall Street English: A global brand

If investing in a franchise sounds like the right opportunity for you, we invite you to consider joining Wall Street English’s global network.

The Wall Street English method works. We have a proven business model providing services with over 45 years of experience, helping over 160,000 English language learners annually. Our scalability is demonstrated by our network of over 135 franchisees, which operate over 420 centers in 29 territories across the world.

As Natanael Wright, CEO of Wall Street English France, the franchisee for the country, says, “It works all over the world, so there must be something about the concept.

The sustained demand for English language learning makes it a reliable and low-risk business opportunity. A successful Wall Street English language learning franchise typically sees a return on investment in two or three years, and the reliable demand for English language learning means ongoing profits of 20–30% or more.

We are constantly innovating and investing in improvements to the products we offer. When identifying the needs for our product and service updates and enhancements, we take into account the data we get from our learners as well as feedback from our franchisees. We gather results and best practices from across the network in order to understand how to deliver optimal services to our learners and collaborate on innovations with our franchisees.  Because we operate on a global scale, we have the ability to be constantly making significant investments in the development of new and better products and services.

A global service provider

When you join Wall Street English as a franchisee, we offer training, the support of an experienced team, and a standardized model for operating. We provide end-to-end service, including onboarding and new project management when opening a new center, followed by ongoing field support, trainings, and meetings once your new centers are launched.

Mabel Garcia, CEO of Wall Street English Colombia, has seen this service in action: “The support is constant. It’s very high quality. We work as a connected network and we share all the best experiences.” When franchisees start up operations, they reap the benefits of our defined operating procedures and close network collaboration—documentation and assistance from beginning to end.

Working as part of a community

Ultimately, what makes us stand out is our community of learners. Our personalized and flexible center-based approach helps learners feel involved and committed. A unique blended learning method combines small classes, digital solutions, and community activities and brings learners together.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this industry is the knowledge that you are making people’s lives better. By providing customers with a quality education, you’re opening new opportunities for them and giving back to your community.

David Kedwards, Wall Street English CEO, describes the contribution our franchisees make: “I’m investing my money, yes. I want to make a good return, who doesn’t? That’s entirely normal, but I’m also helping people to do better in their lives, to fulfill their dreams, their ambitions, to get a better career, to travel the world, to open doors they could have only dreamed of before. That’s a wonderful place to work.”

Changing futures for the better: it’s a vision we share with our franchisees and as part of our corporate responsibility. Learning English with Wall Street English helps people to improve their own lives, and that might be the best return of all. From the perspective of our partners, that makes this a business to be proud of. In the words of Sahal Hefzi, CEO of Wall Street English Saudi Arabia, “Happiness is when you go to the center and you see that students are learning English and you feel you are doing something for your society.

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