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Invest in a Sub-Franchise in English Training

The sub-franchise approach is a rewarding way to launch a career as a business owner, or for an entrepreneur to add to his investment portfolio. Wall Street English offers multiple opportunities to open sub-franchises within existing country networks.  

Wall Street English sub-franchise partners typically look to open 2–4 centers in a defined area. Sub-franchisees work closely with and receive operational support from the local Master Franchise. With this strong support network, low risk, and the confidence of a proven business model, a sub-franchise offers first-time investors and aspiring business owners an opportunity to experience the benefits of franchise ownership at a manageable scale.

Lower Risk

Business model is standardized and already well established in the local market

Collaborative Network

Full support for launch and ongoing operations from the local Master Franchise team as part of a strong network of sub-franchisees

Faster Growth

Quick to establish new business through proven model, allows ramp up from a single unit to several faster than setting up own new business

Low Complexity

Centrally coordinated functions and support allow franchisee to focus on local center operation

Low Overhead Costs

Hands-on approach, defined operating model and Master Franchise support requires smaller management team

Investment Level

US $150.000+ to launch first center

Sub-Franchise Opportunities

Many existing Wall Street English territories offer sub-franchise opportunities. To find out if a territory near you is available, or if you are interested in learning more about how to open a single unit franchise or several locations in your local market, contact the Wall Street English franchising team now.

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