The Launch Team

Meet the Support Team, Guiding You all the Way

From business launch to performance optimisation, the Wall Street English International team is here to support you in all phases of business growth. The 50-person support team has extensive knowledge of the business, due to prior experience across the franchise network, in the industry and in specialist areas.

This experience allows the launch team to provide the service you need to start up and grow your business successfully. 

Lex Baker

Director of New Business Development

Lex exhibits a substantial knowledge of franchising through 25 years of experience at Wall Street English. Coming from working in a franchise unit, and rising through the ranks to a Director position with the franchisor, Lex gathered experience delivering operational consultancy and training across multiple markets and cultures. 

Since 2015, Lex’s role focuses on new business development, recruiting franchise partners, expanding the brand into new countries and driving growth within existing markets.

Carin LeMoal

Launch Project Manager

Carin has extensive knowledge of the Wall Street English model, having been with the brand since 2002. After working as the National Service Manager and National Franchisee Support Manager in the French network for 10 years, Carin now assists franchisees as the Launch Project Manager within the International team.

Highly skilled in coaching, service and project management, Carin plays a key role in managing the launch of new businesses side by side with the franchise partners and the key members of Wall Street English International.

Ivan Croxford

Director of Marketing

As a veteran of marketing digital products and services in global markets, Ivan now manages the Marketing team at Wall Street English International. He and his team have been pivotal in the company’s digital transition, transforming the franchise network’s approach further within the online space.

Building market share, raising top-of mind awareness, but also creating new tools to improve network performance are his team’s focus today. In the launch process, a team member will be appointed to guide and support new franchise partners.

Nina Purdey

Director of Franchise Services

With over 20 years of experience with franchisee and franchisor at Wall Street English, Nina has without doubt an impressive knowledge of franchise support across regions. As part of the support team, Nina manages the operations team to help the network perform better and grow.

Nina plays an important role for new franchise partners, driving and guiding their teams to success, particularly crucial when launching the business and in early years.

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