Franchise Success Stories

Hear Directly from Wall Street English Franchise Partners

More than 135 franchise partners operate country networks or multiple centers, and have helped the business expand over almost five decades across 30 territories. In 2020, Wall Street English started delivering online classes in addition to in-person, a major transition for the organization in a short space of time. In this section, the people at the very heart of the operation – the franchisees running the business every day – share their stories.

Now is the Right Time to Invest

“I believe it’s THE time to invest in the education industry. I think it’s better to do it now, rather than when things have fully picked back up again”.

Natanael Wright, CEO & Owner – Wall Street English France & Spain

“Over the last 12 months, the edtech space has gotten the highest amount of funding out of all the tech sectors in Indonesia. So it’s time to jump on the bandwagon or get left behind”.

Kish Gill, CEO & Owner – Wall Street English Indonesia

Business Opportunities Arising in 2021

“We’re going to end up stronger after the crisis, with a better offer for students”.

Natanael Wright, CEO & Owner – Wall Street English France & Spain

“Online enables us to be much more flexible, adaptable and competent, and also reduces the cost of failure.”

Enrico Cesenni, CEO & Co-Owner – Wall Street English Myanmar & Vietnam

Why this Investor Chose Wall Street English

“The flexibility and structure of the Wall Street English method, as well as its focus on adults made a compelling argument to invest in the franchise”.

Enrico CesenniCEO & Co-Owner – Wall Street English Myanmar & Vietnam

The Benefits of Investing in a Franchise

“Learning from our network partners really helped us figure out what would work in our market.” 

Kish Gill, CEO & Owner – Wall Street English Indonesia.

The Valuable Support of Wall Street English International

“Wall Street English International has been a fundamental partner in our development. Their commitment, knowledge, constant innovation, and transparent communication are characteristics that have led to a successful model and a very positive relationship.”

Mabel García, CEO & Co-Owner – Wall Street English Colombia

The People at Wall Street English Make the Difference

“I think the best thing at Wall Street English is the people. The people make the difference because they are very service oriented and they are always listening all the needs that the student, the staff and the franchisees.”

Viviana Terrón, CEO & Owner – Wall Street English Argentina.

The Day-to-Day of a Wall Street English Franchisee

“My staff is like my second family. It’s with them I spend most of my day… and I know that they will follow me if I lead by example. This is the Wall Street English Factor for me: empathy and warmth.”

Elisabetta Battaglia, Sub-Franchise partner – Wall Street English Italy

How Wall Street English Reacted to the Covid Pandemic

Franchise owners share their experience of how Wall Street English reacted as the Covid pandemic spread, enabling them to continue running their businesses through lockdowns and restrictions:


Natanael Wright

Owner & CEO Wall Street English France & Spain

“I just wanted to say how impressed France had been by the smooth shift of our 17,000 students to the 100% online solution. All this in less than 2 weeks. Had Wall Street English International not been ready, the network would have stopped operating. A big shout out to all of you.”


Mabel García

Co-Owner & CEO Wall Street English Colombia


“It is especially in these times when we need to remain together as a global network and support each other however we can. I am glad to see some ideas and contingency plans have already been suggested and put in place and I am sure they will help us to grow stronger and overcome the situation.”

More Business Success Stories from Wall Street English Franchise Owners

Hear from the people running Wall Street English franchise businesses as they explain the reasons why they invested in the business:


Natanael Wright

Owner & CEO Wall Street English France & Spain


“In 1983 my father signed the first franchising deal outside the originating country, Italy. He became the franchisee for France. We now have 67 schools…

10 years after my father signed the franchising deal he only had two schools and he called me in to take over. One of my initial decisions was to refocus massively on the franchise concept. I am a developer not a creator like my father was, and franchising suited me well: a solid concept and a results-delivering method I did not have to worry about.

In less than 10 years we became by far the biggest English school network in France and our brand is by far the most famous one. I like thinking back on this story. Two ways of seeing things. Two sound business options:

  1. Create your own business and concept with a 20% success rate or
  2. Adopt somebody else’s concept and focus on development

I chose the second. We now have 67 schools in France and launched recently in Spain, now with 4 centers.”

Michel LeQuellec

Former Owner & CEO Wall Street English Vietnam


“I was originally a retail banker for Citibank & Standard Chartered, and was looking to start my own business…

I chose Wall Street English as I was impressed by the blended learning approach and the fact that all parts of business performance are measured, like in a bank. The method itself offers flexibility for busy adults, and also guarantees results. Our center teams can see specific study progress for each student and focus on aiding each person to reach his or her individual goals. This is why the concept works so well – a product which satisfies the needs and schedules of our clients.

I realised that this is a sound business concept and decided to buy the franchise initially for Thailand, then was also involved in opening Wall Street English in Indonesia and Hong Kong, and have now moved on to establish the Vietnam business – in three years we opened four schools, teaching English to up to 7,000 students!

I am confident in these plans, as Wall Street English continues to grow and improve – we are just upgrading our entire core product, will launch additional digital elements, and continue to increase our English product range.”


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