Franchise Investments and Returns

Franchise Startup Costs and Returns

Investing in a franchise is a good option for investors who are looking for a lower-risk project or who want to minimize uncertainty. To understand the investment required to launch a language school franchise in your market, there are several aspects to consider: the cost of opening and working capital needed versus the returns expected in the coming years.

Costs and returns at Wall Street English will depend on whether your goal is a single-unit concept or a multi-unit franchise spread over a wider region. They vary significantly from one region to another, and one city to another.

Costs to Open a Franchise

Depending on the specific market, the speed of ramp-up and the potential scale of the business, the franchise startup costs at Wall Street English begins at US$ 150,000. Entry costs depend on these three variables: 

Franchise Fees

  • One-time entry giving you access to the franchise network
  • From US$ 50,000, depending on market potential

Center Build-Out Costs

  • Renovating and furnishing the brick-and-mortar location
  • From US$ 75,000 to 250,000, depending on center size and location.

Launch Costs

Costs to start up the business, eg. recruitment, systems, licenses, marketing campaigns, and legal and financial fees.

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Return on Investment

Being part of a franchise system helps you establish the business quicker compared to starting from scratch, boosting the return on investment. As a Wall Street English franchise owner you gain access to a proven business model — including brand, processes, technology, support and training. You will also be connected to a network of other franchisees from around the world, and benefit from best practices.

Due to its efficient operating concept, premium market positioning, and strong attainable market share, the Wall Street English franchise model delivers a quick payback on initial investment, typically from 24 months, and healthy ongoing margins.

Typical Costs & Returns to Open One Center

Initial Investment

From US$ 120,000 for one center (depending on market potential)

Return on Investment (ROI)

2-3 years


Typically from 20% to 30% once the business matures

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