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Wall Street English is a world leading provider in English language training for adults. Over its nearly 50 year history, it has provided a unique blended learning methodology to over 3 million adults through its franchise network globally. Since 2020, learners can choose between online, in-person, or both for even greater acccessibility.

Invest in a Proven and Profitable Franchise Model

The Wall Street English model has been continually optimized throughout its history. A proven, technology-driven operating model helps its English language school franchise network deliver scale and profits across more than 30 countries. This makes the company a relevant player within the Edtech business.

The English Language Training Market

The English language training market is a large and growing industry, whether it is online or in-person learning. To capture the scale of this growth and the relevance of the market, Wall Street English commissioned a report through YouGov, a reputed independent research firm. The findings speak for themselves:

Learning English Boosts Income and Improves Career Chances​

  • 25% higher income 
  • 70% feel positive about their career prospects 
  • 73% expect improved life prospects

1.4 Billion People Are Learning English Right Now

  • 20% of the world’s population
  • 70% of the world’s labor force

English: The World’s Dominant Language Now and in the Future​

  • 73% think learning English will become more important
  • 74% are already using English to communicate with foreigners

Find Out About the English Language Training Market

Why Invest With Wall Street English

Since 2020, Wall Street English offers a truly hybrid learning experience, where customers can choose between online and / or in-person classes. For investors, this new proposition presents a real business opportunity. Here’s why:

Proven Method

  • Unique blended-learning methodology

  • Highly differentiated learning proposition (online and/or in-person)

  • Studies demonstrate guaranteed learning results

  • Ongoing product & technology development

Track Record & Global Brand

  • 50 years across multiple markets & regions

  • Global footprint and growing network

  • Strong collaborative network of 130+ franchises

  • Large & experienced support team

Proven Business Model

  • Significant increase of the addressable market due to hybrid learning

  • Greater differentiation against competitors

  • Streamlined operating model, driving efficiency and profitability

  • Strong return on investment

Why Now is the Right Time To Invest

How to Invest in this English Language School Franchise

Depending on your own ambition and budget, as well as your local market potential, Wall Street English offers a variety of investment options, from country-wide or regional networks to single unit operations:

Master Franchise

A COUNTRY / region

Sub Franchise


Top English Language Training Franchise Opportunities

Wall Street English is focused on growing into many new markets with strong demand for English learning in the coming years, with multiple opportunities still available. The following territories have been identified as particularly attractive target markets:

A bustling, high-demand market with a fragmented competitive landscape.

A strong market where English skills are essential and high value is placed on education.

A profitable investment opportunity in a growing economy with high demand for English.

An increasing demand of English offering an attractive business opportunity.

Alongside these immediate targets, Wall Street English is looking to develop across various further areas with local partners. Learn more about English language training franchise opportunities in your local market.

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