Franchise Opportunities in Central America

Great Franchise Opportunities in Central America

Low level of proficiency and increasing demand of English are a common thread across Central American countries. 77% of the population lives in urban areas, the average annual GDP growth has reached 4% over the past 15 years, and the region has a number of cities with population of more than 500,000.

In June 2020, Dominican Republic sees its first Wall Street English center launched – also first in the Carribean. Due to Covid19 situation, this center will be the first in the company’s history, to launch completely online. The brick-and-mortar center will open as soon as business returns to normal after the pandemic. Read more about Dominican Republic launch.  

Multi-center opportunities are available in other Central American countries – such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama – representing a highly attractive investment for Area Developers. If you are interested in high returns and rapid scalability of the business, with the support of an over 25 year experienced master franchise, don’t miss this great opportunity!  

Reasons to Invest with Wall Street English in Central America

97% of Latin Americans consider they have no knowledge of English or perceive their English level to be basic. 84% indicated a strong engagement with learning English.

High demand English learning market, worth over US$60 billons, of which center-based learning, where Wall Street English competes, is the most popular form of study (60%).

Scalable and profitable business model. Average payback within 2 years is expected, and an EBITDA of around 25-35%.

Consumer Trends in Central America

Current demand for learning English in Latin America is very high, due to factors such as population growth, urbanization, mobility and advanced connectivity. There is a strong awareness among Latin Americans that learning English will become more important in the future. Lack of time and motivation are the main barriers to success. Learners are looking for flexible and personalized offerings to fit around their busy lifestyle.

The Wall Street English concept addresses these needs specifically, delivering effective results with flexible and self-paced schedules for the learner.

Market Entry Strategy in Central America

Market Opportunity

Open centers in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama. 

Investment Model

Area Developers to open 3-10 centers in each region, over the next 3-4 years.

Priority Locations

Main cities of Costa Rica (San José), El Salvador (San Salvador), Guatemala (Ciudad de Guatemala), Honduras (Tegucigalpa), Nicaragua (Managua), Panama (Ciudad de Panama).

Investment & ROI

Required investment of approx. US$ 250 000 to open 2 centers.

Average Payback within 2 years

EBITDA around 25-35% (dependent on center size and location)


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