Start a Franchise Business in English Training

How to Launch a Business in 5 steps (6-9 months)

Wall Street English offers nearly 50 years of experience delivering successful franchise operations around the world. The expert team at Wall Street English will work closely with you from the first conversation to launching your business quickly, smoothly and effectively.

The onboarding process is designed to introduce new franchisees step by step into greater levels of detail on how to launch a business in English training — enabling new partners to start well and start strong. Over decades of operation, the launch process to open a franchise business has been proven and refined to deliver successful openings within 6-9 months.

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  • Introductory conversations during events, meetings & calls
  • Initial information materials on Wall Street English business model
  • Suitability assessment – matching mutual expectations & plans
  • Detailed information on business structures & financial modelling
  • Site visits – Wall Street English locations & target territory
  • Discovery Day with Wall Street English franchising team in Barcelona
  • Qualification – matching profiles to opportunity
  • Market potential assessment & research
  • Build specific business plan 
  • Assess possible locations for suitability
  • Sign Reservation Agreement
  • Initiate & run project management workstreams
  • Hire & train management team
  • Select first location, finalise design & buildout plans
  • Refine & complete business plan
  • Sign Franchise Agreement
  • Hire & train center staff
  • Center renovation & furnishing
  • Define & implement marketing strategies
  • Prepare products, systems & standard operating procedures (SOP)

Ready to Start Your Investment Journey

Support and Training When You Start a Franchise

When you invest in a Wall Street English franchise, you will benefit from 50 years of experience in the business. Dedicated expert teams will support and train you from launching to running your business – to facilitate your success!

Onboarding and Launch Support

Through a dedicated team of 15 people

Ongoing Dedicated Support

A team of 50 experts will help you to manage and grow your business

On-site and Online Training

Self-access and blended approach, covering all key operational areas

Regular Network Meetings

Promoting best practice sharing, at regional and international levels

Operational Procedures & Trainings

Fully documented procedures, guiding consistency and quality of the operations

Investment Costs at a Glance​

The level of investment varies according to the scope and scale of each project, dependent on the local market, the number of centers and their size, and the type of contract (Master Franchise, Area Development, Sub-Franchise). 

Typical Costs for One Mid-sized Center

Initial Investment

200,000-300,000 USD (including center fee)

Return on Investment (ROI)

2-3 years


From 20-25% once the business has been established


Ready to Invest in the English Training Market?

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