Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in the Spanish Market

Economic growth in Spain has exceeded 3% p.a. for each of the last four years. Confidence is improving, foreign direct investment is rising and business has never been more supported. Add to that large urban populations, global cities (such as Madrid and Barcelona) and one of Europe’s highest qualities of life, and it’s clear why Spain has become a top destination for skilled workers and a great place to invest. 

Late 2020, Wall Street English Spain was acquired by Natanael Wright, owner of Wall Street English France. With 4 centers in early 2021 and 20 more planned by 2025, the business is now set for further growth in the country. 

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4th largest economy in the Eurozone (14th largest globally)

GDP Growth

4 straight years of strong GDP growth (over 3% p.a.)

Positive Business Confidence

Falling unemployment fueling growth and demand

The English Learning Market in Spain

The Spanish adult market for English is particularly strong, and forecast to grow significantly. These consumers show a preference for a face-to-face experience and also online learning options. Wall Street English is best positioned to address both of these elements – being focused on learners ages 17 and up and providing regular teacher contact with the added advantage of small groups and flexible learning schedules.

1 %
2018-2023 GROWTH
1 %
Are 15—45 years old
1 billion
1 %
Prefer In-Center Learning

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Spanish Consumer Trends

A survey of over 1,000 learners* in Spain showed the main challenges they faced were a lack of time and motivation. Wall Street English solves these by delivering effective English teaching, making the best use of time invested by allowing self-paced study and flexible schedules. Each center’s support team is focussed on motivating each and every student through their course, making sure these typical challenges can be avoided. 

The Wall Street English concept delivers on what learners are looking for: personalised learning related to real life in a 24/7 flexible and accessible concept. 

*SOURCE: Morar Consulting, report commissioned 2018 

Barriers to English Learning


Lack of time to study


Poor motivation


Challenges in learning


Essential Requirements for English Learning


Easy access & flexible approach


Tailored to individual needs or level (with high qualified English teachers)

Real-Life learning

Content linked to real-life situations

Investing in Spain

Market Potential

Spain has the market potential for more than 20 centers, according to market studies and assessments of the Wall Street English business model. 

Investment Model

Wall Street English has franchise opportunities in Spain for Sub Franchisees to open 1-3 centers in target areas.

Priority Locations

Madrid area, Valencia, Andalusia, Basque Country, Catalonia, etc.

Investment & ROI

Required investment of €200,000 to open a center. 

Fast return on investments

EBITDA 15-25% (dependent on center size and location).


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