Business Opportunities in Egypt

Why Invest in Egypt with Wall Street English

As the world’s 16th largest population, there is a growing demand for English in Egypt. It has a low level of proficiency and a highly urbanized population with three cities of over 2 million people, and 7 others of more than 400,000. Before the Covid pandemic, Egypt showed a steady growth of GDP and a growth rate reaching 7% p.a.

Given the large population and the potential for further economic growth in Egypt, the hybrid and online learning options offered by the Wall Street English model offer a lucrative business proposition in a growing market segment. 

Reasons to Invest in a Language School Franchise in Egypt

Low proficiency level of English, ranking #83 out of 100 according to EF EPI, while English is the foreign language most likely to be spoken in Egypt.

Growing English training market. In-person, online and hybrid learning options satisfy the needs of consumers in Egypt.

Fragmented and traditional competitive environment allows clear differentiation and rapid capture of market share

Consumer Trends in English Training in Egypt

The current demand for English training in Egypt is high and is expected to grow in the coming years due to population growth, urbanization, mobility and advancing digital connectivity. English is already the foreign language most spoken in the country. Lack of time and motivation are the main barriers to success, with learners looking for convenience and personalized offerings to fit around their busy lifestyle.

The Wall Street English concept addresses these needs, especially with its hybrid learning model deployed worldwide in 2020. Its method delivers effective results with flexible and self-paced schedules, ideal for Egyptian learners. Don’t miss the business opportunity in Egypt!

Franchise Opportunity in Egypt

Market Opportunity

Open 10-15 centers across the country, in addition to online learning programs.

Investment Model

Master Franchise opportunity to open several centers in key strategic locations, followed by sub-franchises in Tier 2 cities. 

Priority Locations

Greater Cairo area, Alexandria, El Mansoura.

Investment & ROI

Required investment from US$ 500,000

Expected Payback per center within 2-3 years

EBITDA around 20-25% (dependent on center size and location)


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