New White Paper Shows Why Investors Should Look Into The Education Industry

As the demand for English language learning continues to grow, investing in education can be an excellent way to build a sustainable business.

The global role of the English language

The English language continues to dominate global business and politics, and remains the lingua franca of the global workforce. As a result, learning English can unlock significant opportunities for individuals looking to improve their lives, secure job opportunities, or simply get more out of travel and entertainment. Indeed, research such as the Wall Street English Global English Language Report, shows that a growing number of people are hoping to take formal English language courses in the next five years in recognition of this. For this reason, the education market, and the English education market in particular, presents an excellent investment opportunity.

The franchising model

While there are a number of different ways to enter a new market, the franchising model can be one of the most effective routes to developing a sustainable and scalable business, bringing with it a range of benefits. In particular, opening a franchise provides the partner with an independent business aligned with a wider network and brand. It also reduces risks as the investor buys into guidance and support from the franchisor’s team, so important during crisis such as Covid-19 current situation.

Wall Street English, example of success within the education industry

As a franchise business operating in the English language learning sector, Wall Street English is a great example of the opportunity to invest in education. 2019 was another successful year with 21 new centers opened across the world from Chile to Thailand, and a move into the new territory of Mongolia. In early 2020 several more centers opened in EMEA until the Covid-19 situation postponed further launches. Nonetheless, conversations with multiple partners are under way to open later in 2020, once the situation stabilizes.

Commenting on this, Lex Baker, Business Development Director at Wall Street English said:

“The continued progress of over 20 new centers per year in each of the last two years shows that learners and investors alike are responding to our model. Across the franchising industry, double digit profitability percentages are considered highly attractive. At Wall Street English this is the norm, with payback periods often within 2-3 years and very strong ongoing financial returns to be expected.”  

How to invest in education

To find out more about the opportunity in the English language training market, why franchising works in the education industry, or how to invest in education at Wall Street English, please download the Investing in the education industry” white paper filling in the form below.

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