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Wall Street English launches its new franchising website, giving easy access to investors to find out about the benefits of owning a franchise with the brand. 

Learn more about investing with Wall Street English! 

The English language training market is expected to reach $50bn by 2023 – a projected growth rate of nearly 80% from 2018. The Wall Street English footprint already expands by 20+ centers every year worldwide, with both new investors and partners from the existing network opening new locations, and this pace of growth is accelerating.

In line with the company’s ambitious development plan, the new Wall Street English Franchising website is now available. This whole new website is fully dedicated to showcasing the business from an investment angle. It presents content on the Wall Street English business model, providing greater insight as to why the business is so attractive and indicating the franchise opportunities available around the world.

Which new content can be found on the Franchising site? 

New sections and contents have been created to give greater detail into the business model, the steps to follow to own a franchise, and highlight the top franchise opportunities available around the world. 

  • Own a franchise – this section includes 3 main sections:
    • Why invest with Wall Street English? – the main benefits of opening a franchise with the brand, information on the English Language Training market as well as the franchising industry.
    • The investor profile – depending on the investors’ ambition and budget, there are a variety of investment options available, according to local market potential.
    • Launching your business – the 6 steps to take from first conversations to launching the first center, including what support, systems and materials the franchisee gets when investing in the business.
  • The “Events” section provides information on all planned activities around the world where Wall Street English executives are in attendance to talk with investors and industry peers about the franchising business model, the English language training market, and products and technology employed.

The new website also includes a blog, fully dedicated to franchise development and growth topics, giving immediate access to visitors interested in Wall Street English from a business perspective, including all the latest news. Information such as trends in the English Language Training market and the franchise industry, updates on Wall Street English new territory and center openings, awards and upgrades to the company’s products and services will be shared in this section. Watch out for any new contents by visiting the blog.

The launch of this new Wall Street English franchising website demonstrates the company’s firm commitment towards further growth, particularly since Baring Private Equity Asia and CITIC Capital acquired the brand in 2018. Combined with its previous ownerships from the education industry (such as Pearson and Sylvan Learning), this ensures Wall Street English delivers both a proven business model and an effective, powerful & unique product and service, benefiting both its franchise investors and its English learners across the globe.

‘Say Yes’ to franchising with Wall Street English!

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